Changing our understanding of nature

Researcher Stefano Mancuso is one of the founders of the study of plant neurobiology, whose contribution is revolutionizing our relationship with nature. Interpreter of the language of plants, he shows that they are able to communicate in a complex ecological community, which evolves without us noticing it. Thanks to their ability to memorize and collaborate, plants set up collective strategies that echoes with our own social world. Changing our understanding of nature also means rethinking our place and our relationship with living things. It is in the apprehension of this upheaval of standards that Camille Louis, playwright and philosopher, will accompany us. Thinker and activist with many faces, she sees in the reversal of our relationship with the living, a fertile philosophical, political and aesthetic reinvention.

Stefano Mancuso, Camille Louis

19.30 – 20.30, French Institute of Greece (Sina 31)

Greek, French, Italian

Bees in the city: Could urban environments support pollinators?

Αn open roundtable discussion with experts from Greece, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Austria and the UK on the importance of bees and other pollinators in the urban environment as well as the role of the cities and the urban citizens on their conservation. This event is part of the Bees & Buzz activities, that aims to create awareness on the protection of the urban biodiversity, focusing on the vital role of parks and green spaces for supporting pollinators in urban environments.

Greece – Antonios E. Tsagkarakis, M.Sc., Ph.D. Agricultural University of Athens

Sweden – Prof. Erik Andersson, PhD. Stocholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University

Norway – Ms. Tora Fougner-Økland. Plant Biologist , Beekeeper

Romania – Prof. Cristina Bianca POCOL, PhD University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

Slovenia – Dr. Prof Aleš Gregorc Professor of Apiculture and Vice Dean for Quality at the University of Maribor

Austria – Mr. Herbert Weidinger

UK – Ms. Catherine du Toit

Discussion curator and moderator Ms. Aggelina Kanellopoulou, Founder of The Bee Camp NGO

19.00 (online on zoom platform). Registration via email swedinst@sia.gr


Grow Our Humanity

Humanism highlights human beings’ responsibility to the world. As a philosophy and a commitment, it has led the human kind from dark spots many times already. By bringing to public space inspiration from the most notable European humanists, we want to stimulate a vision of future based on shared emphasis on humanity as a commitment.

Exhibition – Pedion tou Areos

Greek, English

Reframing Green Spaces

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