Mouries, under the trees

Trees have knowledge that humans usually don’t know how to access. Maybe we share this knowledge, but we can’t know unless we take the time to listen. This becomes essential at a time when we want to support the forests regenerate after the fires – how can we support someone to whom we don’t listen? We, the Mouries – a circle of women with practices of divination and healing – are interested in building a conversation with the trees. We will receive our guests in a picnic, where we will share our methods, thoughts and intuitions. We will then guide each visitor to a different space in the grove where a mediator will assist a connection with the trees. Let’s open our senses to new intimacies through one to one encounters, conversations, stories and melodies in the forest!

Isabel Gutierez Sanchez, Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, Auriane Blanc, Thalia Dimitropoulou, Maria Juliana Byck, Fotini Gouseti, Eliana Otta and Sanem Su Avcı. Mouries is happy to partner with Yellow Brick, an independent cultural institution of contemporary art.

13:00, Pedion tou Areos

Greek, English, French, Spanish, Turkish

"Rebetiko" drawing-concert

You are welcome to a drawing concert with the Rebetiko band … and the illustrator David Prud’homme in Pedion Areos garden. The fusion between the musicians and the drawings that appear on stage, tells us a living story of Rebetiko. The artist David Prud’homme, passionate about the tumultuous history of Rebetiko, seeks to draw the contours of this popular art. Provocative and evocative music that came with Greek refugees from Turkey, Rebetiko is constantly reinvented by the artists who bring it to life. This is the case of the group Santa Bella, which reinterprets the great classics and hidden gems of the rebetiko repertoire.

David Prudhomme, Santa Bella ((Eleni Zahopoulou (singer), Giorgos Kontochristopoulos (bouzouki) and Fani Zahopoulos (guitar, singer))

20:00, Pedion tou Areos

Greek, French

Areos' sound field

With the Areos sound field, we observe and understand what is happening around us, through the sounds that surround us. We open our ears to perceive and understand this particular environment by explorings the dynamic relationships between the sounds of nature and of our civilization. Under what conditions sounds arise? How do they travel in space? How do they combine with our other senses and our human presence? In what ways do the sounds of nature and our civilization coexist (if they coexist)? Around these questions, we will record, discuss and creatively capture the soundscape of Pedion Areos through a series of experiential exercises by listening, mapping the sound environment and creating stories about its possible evolution.

Bubaris Nikos, Andromachi Vrakatseli

10:00, Pedion tou Areos


Social Circus Athens Discover the Circus Arts!

Trainers in circus arts, such as juggling, monocycling, acrobatics, stilt technique, and rhythm games, will come together at Pedion Tou Areos to share their knowledge with you. Young and old, locals, visitors, and newcomers, everyone is welcome to an afternoon of playing rhythm games and dancing to circus tunes, with our juggling balls, our rings, and our aerial installation.
Social Circus Athens is an arts and culture initiative which uses circus techniques to share the beauty of skill, art, teamwork, and self-discipline to young locals of Greek, migrant or refugee backgrounds.

ANASA Cultural Center

16.00, Pedion tou Areos


Grow Our Humanity

Humanism highlights human beings’ responsibility to the world. As a philosophy and a commitment, it has led the human kind from dark spots many times already. By bringing to public space inspiration from the most notable European humanists, we want to stimulate a vision of future based on shared emphasis on humanity as a commitment.

Exhibition – Pedion tou Areos

Greek, English