Quand les tomates rencontrent Wagner (documentaire)

Elias, a small farming village in central Greece, is dying out. But two cousins team up with the village grannies to cultivate tomatoes. With a little help from Wagner’s music, the villagers export their little jars with organic tomato recipes across the world. The film follows the protagonists of this unlikely story, as they struggle to make their dream come true. Humorous and bittersweet, this surreal story speaks to us about the importance of reinventing oneself in times of crisis and the power of human relationships. A bittersweet story of two ingenious Greek cousins who defy industrial farming by cultivating organic tomatoes sensitive to Wagner‘s music.

A film by Marianna Economou Produced by Anemon Productions Greece, 2019

20:00, Pedion tou Areos

Grec avec sous-titres anglais

Grow Our Humanity

L’humanisme met en évidence la responsabilité de l’être humain envers le monde. Cette philosophie, cet engagement, a déjà maintes fois sorti l’humanité de périodes sombres. En apportant à l’espace public l’inspiration des humanistes européens les plus notables, nous voulons stimuler une vision du futur basée sur l’engagement envers l’humanité.

Exhibition – Pedion tou Areos

Grec, Anglais

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